chef jorge vallejo

Country: México
Specialty: Modern Mexican Cuisine

After a punishment imposed for being expelled from high school, Jorge met the taste for gastronomy. Jorge started with his professional studies at the Centro Culinario Ambrosia and did his professional practices in Spain, next to the awesome chef Santi Santamaría.

He also worked with the great chef Enrique Olvera, who today is one of his best friends. After meeting his muse and wife Alejandra Flores, he decided to start a life project, making tangible the opening of the exquisite restaurant Quintonil, recognized as one of the best restaurants in Latin America and one of the best 50 in the world.

Jorge is a talent that continues to grow and is already recognized as one of the greatest chefs in Mexico.

The most iconic dishes of Chef Jorge Vallejo

platillos de jorge vallejo
platillos perfectos de jorge vallejo
platillo exquisito chef jorge vallejo
platillos exquisitos de jorge vallejo
platillos chef jorge vallejo

Event in which he will participate

best of mexico dinner jorge vallejo and friends loteria de sabores