chef enrique yanez

Born in 1980 and originally from the state of Tamaulipas in the Gulf of Mexico, where the contact with the beach, the sea cuisine and the habitual consumption of red meats that are usually consumed in the barbecue on weekends in the northern states of our country have been influenced in the techniques and combination of flavors in the recipes created.

Graduated from the Institute Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France. Bachelor of Culinary Arts, Management in Restaurants, as well as a Masters in Products and Techniques.

With 6 years in Europe, work experiences in restaurants such as ¨Le Jardin de Sense¨ with two stars Michellin or Puy D’Or with Chef Laurent Bouvier, Master in Foie Gras in Paris. The countries of influence in which he has worked are: France, Mexico, Spain and the United States, visiting different cities such as: Montpellier, Paris, Bayonne, Lyon, El Paso Tx., Barcelona, Mexico City and Cancun.