aquiles chavez chef

Country: Mexico
Specialty: Mexican avant-garde cuisine

Tabasqueño by birth, chef by conviction and rocker by hobby, Aquiles Chavez is a chef who came to change many ideas about what it is to be a chef in the 21st century. His characteristic mustache and disheveled style make him look like the leader of a rock band.

Achilles did his studies at the Superior College of Gastronomy. He has created several restaurants, such as “LO”, Cocina de Autor, “La Fisheria”, “La Sirena Puerca 77”, and his most recent project: “Sotero” in Pachuca, Hidalgo; a seasonal interactive concept restaurant that combines practices such as raising farm animals, irrigation techniques, planting and working with the community.

Chef Aquiles Chávez fully expresses the idea of seeing chefs as rockstars, which is why he is one of the stars that will be part of the Wine & Food Festival Cancun – Riviera Maya 2017, as part of his endless culinary tour.

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