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A jungle paradise full of luxury.

The holidays in Vidanta Riviera Maya are an experience like no other. Guests can explore more than 400 hectares of this paradise that has impeccable pools and is bordered by a magnificent beach.

In Vidanta Riviera Maya, you will enjoy more than 15 world-class bars and restaurants, a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, luxury spa services and the best in show business, such as the Cirque du Soleil show: JOYÀ, the First resident show in Latin America of this entertainment giant and the only one in the world with gastronomic experience.

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Also enjoy Salum Beachside Eateries and Market Inspired by Tulum’s beach huts, food stalls and open-air restaurants, this bohemian villa offers traditional foods, authentic flavors and more options for Vidanta Riviera Maya guests.


  • Six Holiday Destinations, Each of the six destinations Vidanta has been selected for its natural beauty, its beautiful beaches and its comfortable and secluded location.
  • Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Acapulco, Puerto Peñasco and Puerto VallartaOUR BRANDS THAT WILL MAKE YOU FALL IN LOVE
  • Grand Luxxe Residence Club, The Grand Bliss, Grand Mayan, The Bliss Resorts And Mayan Palace


We give an innovative personality to our resorts that is reflected in every dish at your table, every interaction with the staff and every wonderful memory that you will take.

We know that your holidays mean a lot to you and for the same reason, they are everything for us. You have worked hard to give yourself this moment and we will make sure that every minute is perfect.

Vidanta began with the dream of making families around the world happy. Now we have around 17,000 employees who make that dream come true by making hundreds of thousands of people happy each year. Chefs, bellboys, concierges, the pool team, gardeners, masseurs, housekeepers and all other employees are committed to creating the best possible vacation experience for you.

We believe that the happiness of our members begins with the happiness of our employees. That is why we are proud to announce that Vidanta is among the top 10 companies in the Great Place to Work® Mexico list for the year 2018.

In Vidanta destinations we greet you with our hand in your heart. This is the Vidanta Greeting, a sincere gesture of gratitude for choosing us to create the valuable memories of your vacation. You are our most beloved guest and our greatest pleasure is to assist you.

Many of our concierges are proud members of Les Clefs d’Or, an international organization of tourism professionals dedicated to providing an excellent service. Participation is not easy, admission requires passing a series of rigorous tests and completing a thesis project. Look for the golden cross keys used by Les Clefs d’Or concierges the next time you visit a Vidanta destination.


At the Vidanta Resorts, lunch time is such a celebrated part of the holidays as family time, pool time or relaxation time. The attention to detail and passion, are two characteristic aspects of each dish created, which are reflected in the flavors of a breakfast in the room, a churro from Mercado México, or a sophisticated tuna from Herringbone, a restaurant created in collaboration with Hakkasan Group , now available at Vidanta Los Cabos. In Vidanta, the culinary offer rises to become a true artistic experience, worthy of treasuring itself as much as any other memory that you can take away from your stay.

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– The Flavors of the New Entertainment District

Vidanta Los Cabos is now home to four new culinary and entertainment concepts, created in collaboration with the Hakkasan Group. These new restaurants and lounges bring to Los Cabos all the flavor and technique of expert chefs, quickly becoming the most popular gastronomic destination in the region.

A test of JOYÀ

One of the things that makes JOYÀ de Cirque du Soleil so exceptional is its spectacular and original gastronomic service. Full of delicious surprises, like an amuse bouche capable of showing our inner dragon, this unique food will remain in his memory for life.

Gastronomic trend: Teppanyaki in Gong

For those who think that eating during the holidays should be an event, do not miss the teppanyaki show in Gong, located in Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta. Teppanyaki is a wonderful mix of entertainment and fine food: your five-course meal is prepared right before your eyes by a talented chef on a giant grill surrounded by eight seats.

Antojitos that you must try

Be sure to try the exquisite snacks at Mercado México in Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta. Do not miss the unique taste of our tacos, quesadillas and corn.

Alexis Bostelmann

Title: Vidanta Corporate Chef

Hometown: Mexico City

Responsibilities: Supervises gastronomic experiences in about 120 restaurants in the Vidanta destinations

Main professional achievement: After months of planning and coordination, he created a gastronomic experience for JOYÀ that manages to echo the magic and miracles reflected on the stage. When asked about his goal for the JOYÀ dinner, Bostelmann said, “I want to surprise the audience.”

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In the Vidanta destinations, magic lives in the details and in the unimaginable experiences that appear around every corner. The excitement that floods our Resorts comes from the wonderful acrobatics, fascinating musical performances and spectacular exhibitions of the Mexican culture that Vidanta Entertainment presents every night especially for you.

In the heart of Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta there is a spectacular entertainment center where you can enjoy live music, acrobatic acts, art exhibitions and folk dances.

When the sun goes down, the Nektar Grill & Lounge in Riviera Maya becomes an attractive point of nightlife. From Tuesday to Saturday, once the JOYÀ show ends, the folk-pop group Red Shoes animates the place with its interpretation of famous songs from different decades.

Now our guests at Vidanta Los Cabos can live an experience of luxury and sophistication within the four new concepts of bars and restaurants in alliance with Hakkasan Group, including our club OMNIA.

The Parks will be the evolution of the concept of family vacations and comes to redefine the standards of what is possible. These exciting projects will go as far as the limits of physics, technology, performing arts and imagination. Presenting never before seen concepts and attractions that will challenge the gravity where you will feel immersed in the environment, The Parks will allow your family to live the impossible.

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Discover the magic of the night sky with our Astronomy Lessons in Vidanta Puerto Peñasco.

Yogis, fitness fans and adventurers can find their balance in paradise with our Paddle Board Stretching class, available at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta.

The way you spend your vacation days is your decision. But that you have the chance to try countless and exciting experiences – like learning the secret of a great guacamole, performing yoga postures on a surfboard in paradise or watching a turtle that has just left the egg to begin its journey – depends completely of us. Discover how we manage to make every day that you stay in Vidanta a new adventure.

Explore the wild surroundings and get to know the exotic species that live there with the Vidanta Walks program in Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya and Acapulco.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of sea turtles hatch on the coast of Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya and Acapulco. The Resort makes this conservation effort to help protect the population of the species, and at the same time, create a valuable reminder of the magnificence and fragility of the natural world that surrounds us.

Get a new recipe, some culinary tips and an afternoon of good food and excellent company with this class that takes place every Wednesday at Epazote, in Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta, directed by the famous chef Enrique García.