Beer Tasting Cancún 2016

Hotel Hyatt Ziva Cancún

April 28th 2016 | 04:00 pm to 5:00 pm


A 50 minute long tasting and appreciation workshop with different types of beer. An expert sommelier will guide you through an exquisite journey to discover different kinds of tones, scents and essences of the gourmet side of beers.



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There is a lot to know about the different flavors and styles of beer, a millenary drink that exists since the ancient civilizations and has become a whole culture thanks to the artisanal breweries.

In this tasting an expert beer sommelier will guide us through different types of fermentation styles, letting our senses learn to discover the flavors, tones, scents and level of alcohol in each bottle. Through this knowledgeable experience you will learn about beer matching with haute cuisine, expanding your horizons of beer culture and implementations as a great companion for your meals and dinners.

The newly open Hyatt Ziva Cancun Hotel will be the perfect venue for this tasting, an avant-garde bar that sets the perfect atmosphere to enjoy this unique experience surrounded with a scenery dedicated to beer.

The dress code for the Beer Tasting Cancún 2016 is “Smart Casual”.

Hotel Hyatt Ziva Cancún


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