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Sevilla is the place where one of the most important figures of the culinary world was born, Rafael Zafra. Since he was sixteen, Rafael has been working in the kitchen.

His family used to take care of the old “Posada de Alcala”, place where he learned about the basic principles, as well as respect and love for the Andaluz style.

After growing and waking up every morning with the unforgettable smell of his land and the Andaluz traditional kitchen, by 1997 he decided to join the Hosteleria de Sevilla school, the “Heliopolis”.

Immersed in the Haute Cuisine world, Rafael completed his experience working with chefs like Tristan in Mallorca and Juan Mari Arzak in San Sebastian, while taking many patisserie courses with Paco Torreblanca, who is known as the best baker in Europe.

After his journey through Italy and many places in Spain, he returns to Sevilla to work in the Hacienda Benazuza at El Bulli Hotel with Rafa Morales.

In 2008, Ferran Adrià gave him the approval; so Rafael took the lead as the kitchen chief and collaborates with the El Bulli thanks to his knowledge and the purist Andaluz flavor he added to that project.

With only 26 years old, he won and kept two Michelin stars from 2008 to 2011 plus two Suns granted by the Repsol Guide. In 2010, Albert and Ferran Adrià asked him to collaborate with the opening of their new places at Barcelona, “Tickets”and “41º” cocktail bar. That same year, he became a gastronomic consultant for Oasis Hotels, working in Spain and Cancun.

He is currently working as executive chef of the Oasis Sens and Oasis Viva. With his unique style and personality, he is named “Star of the Year” 2013 in Cancun, thanks to his dedication as revelation chef. By 2014, he is elected as one of the top 50 Star Chefs of Mexico and takes Benazuza Restaurant to another level, winning 3 AAA diamonds and a spot at the prestigious Amar Guide. Creator of “Blackhole” the first sensorial restaurant in Mexico, he landed straight to televisión.

Nowadays he still works for the Adrià brothers and their new project “Heart Ibiza”, which already won a Sun from the Repsol Guide.Recently in 2015 Rafael opened the doors of his newest and more intimate project: “Estimar” restaurant in Barcelona, expressing his purest love for the Mediterranean and giving a special meaning to his precious sea.

During Wine & Food Festival Cancún – Riviera Maya 2016 Rafael Zafra will be one of the chefs cooking during the Tribute Dinner to his friend and associate Albert Adrià, an event not to be missed.

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