chef luis arellano wine and food festival

All Mexico tastes like tomato, avocado, peppers, beans and tortillas. Smells like lemon grass, May flower and coffee. Oaxaca particularly has a flavor of mole, tlayudas and yolk bread with hot chocolate.

Oaxaca, gives us the black mud, endless crafts and an exquisite cuisine that leaves a special mark in whom that taste it, we also know the delights of a bakery and its freshly aroma of baked sweet bread, the smell of the melted sugar caramel and warm bread rolls. That magic and all the dedication is an important path for Chef Luis Arellano.

Originally from the region of La Cañada in Oaxaca, Mexico, Luis Arellano lived the gastronomy from a very interesting point of view, by having the opportunity to work at his parent’s bakery.

Perhaps at that time Luis had no idea about what to expect or what would be his professional way, but after some years his interest for the cuisine began to awake with curiosity in 2006 when he started his first stage as an intern in the famous “Casa Oaxaca” restaurant where his effort and dedication took him to climb in the kitchen and win the Sous Chef position.

By 2012, his training as a traditional cook and his professional experience lead him to the opening of “Pujol” restaurant, considered one of the best restaurants in the world, a place that enhances the real virtues of the Mexican cuisine taking its clients to a new level of art and infinite creativity.

 Its seasoning and contributions to traditional cuisine, led him to participate in important dinners and festivals in Mexico, Spain, Berlin, New York and France.
For 2015 Luis Arellano was in charge of the creative part of the Enrique Olvera’s group, making changes and creating new proposals to the Carte, but always seeking the preservation of the Mexican food culture, as a humanity heritage.

Nowadays, Chef Arellano provides advice to several restaurants and works on two projects: the research and distribution of endemic products of Oaxaca state, as a way to make constant use of local ingredients to support the economy and development of this wonderful place in Mexico, and he also takes time for the opening of his own restaurant.

Thanks to his strong roots and passion to protect Mexico’s gastronomic heritage and the Oaxaca’s beautiful culinary roots, Luis Arellano has an important place in national gastronomy and an important part to create exquisite moments at Wine & Food Festival Cancun – Riviera Maya 2016.

Events in which he will participate