liz galicia chef

Country: Mexico
Specialty: Mexican Cuisine

Liz Galicia is originally from the city of Puebla, where she studied at the Swiss Institute of Gastronomy and Hospitality. After graduating in 2008, he began to gain experience working in restaurants and hotels in Mexico and abroad.

It is in 2010 that Liz joins El Mural de los Poblanos restaurant, occupying the position of executive chef. Liz has dedicated an important part of her time to investigate the culinary customs of the different regions of the State of Puebla, in order to collect and interpret the recipes of authentic Puebla cuisine.

Liz has also been concerned about using traditional methods in the preparation of her dishes, and promotes the use of local ingredients. Prestigious publications such as Travel + Leisure Mexico and the Mexico Gastronomic Guide 2017, recognize El Mural de los Poblanos restaurant as one of the best restaurants in the country.

In addition, Chef Galicia participates regularly in the most prestigious food festivals in Mexico and the United States.