chef karla enciso wine

Mexican cook and gastronomic entrepreneur, Industrial Engineer by profession, Chef by conviction and love of Mexican Gastronomy and Mayan Cuisine of Quintana Roo., Executive chef of Pueblito Mayakoba.

After several years of training in the “Auberge des Carignan” restaurant recognized in the Michelin Guide nestled in the mountains of the Haute Savoie, and with a tireless drive to embrace everything that surrounded her, Karla was maturing her taste for food French, for the aromas and flavors of the French Alps while it was enriching the textures and flavors of its dishes, surrounded by freshly picked fruits and herbs and cheeses from the region.

Being the artisanal elaboration and the experimentation of unusual combinations the main attributes of his gastronomic creations, he has been operating restaurants of his own creation for 17 years and he has also been the Gastronomic Advisor for the opening of restaurants, creation of concepts and menus.

Responsible for offering Culinary Experiences within Cooking School in Pueblito de Mayakoba, having created a concept of interactive classes of Traditional Mexican and Regional Cooking in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Proud to champion a Sustainable Fisheries and Social Responsibility Project to raise awareness in Quintana Roo about the importance of conserving the Gastronomy of the Mayan Rural Communities and to rescue their traditional recipes, betting on the local products of our region.

Creative chef of the MANYEE Restaurant in Cancun and AROMA CILANTRO in Cancun and Playa del Carmen.