chef juan manuel sanchez torres en wine and food

Born in the city of Durango, Mexico, Chef Juan Manuel Sanchez accumulates over 10 years of culinary experience.

He started his career in the Instituto Culinario de México in the city of Monterrey, Mexico; being so young, quickly his teachers noticed his passion and talent, and then he was recommended to study in the IAG Instituto Argentino de Gastronomía in Buenos Aires, Argentina, there he developed for over 4 years a great potential in culinary techniques like author cuisine and molecular practices.

His first important challenge as profesional, was in the luxury hotel Faena from Puerto Madero, Argentina, there he had the responsibility to create a vanguard cuisine with organic nuances.

Two years later he traveled to Cabo San Lucas Mexico with the purpose of increase his experience in Mediterranean & International cuisine working for one of the top heavenly views restaurants in the world, Sunset Da Monalisa by the hand of Salvatore Messina who has experience in restaurants with Michelin stars in Italy, and together they made an exceptional menú.

With thirst of knowledge he went to one of the most exotic and wonderful countries with the intention to learn more about flavors and textures, India, traveling through Delhi and Mumbay, he participated in the two projects focused in mexican-indian gastronomy with a molecular fusión. After that we was ready to come back to México again

Nowadays he lives in Cancún, Quintana Roo, he arrived there to create the fine dining and avant-garde cuisine concept in Restaurant Careyes from the popular emporio Oasis. He leads a great team following the AAA standars. He won the Travel Choise in TripAdvisor since 2017 and he was nominated for The World Luxury Restaurants Awards in 2018.