chef jorge ildefonso wine and fodd festival

Guadalajara is a city that grows constantly and that offers us a vibrant lifestyle with a touch of capital dynamism while still being the perfect place to grow a family, study and generate productive business. In this context, we understand perfectly that the traditions remain this place, but that modernity is very well received in all aspects: technological, cultural, artistic, educational and business models thought of in the world as we now know it globally and always in constant change.

It was in Guadalajara (or “guanatos” as some call it) where Jorge Ildefonso was born, in the nucleus of a large family, where eight brothers shared life experiences in a childhood where the kitchen was a fundamental part to exchange ideas and share with the family , since each meal was a great production, to feed a large group where the mother looked for different ways to offer something different at the table, and with much creativity fill the eyes and stomach of eight different personalities.

In addition to his father also enjoyed cooking and participated in the development of different dishes, among which stood out his Michoacan roots, as he prepared traditional stews and prepared that are part of the culture of Michoacan and its vast cuisine. “All my memories of childhood are of joy, and of many aromas and flavors.”

Among flavors, aromas and wonderful memories, Jorge found respect, love and passion for food in the work of his life. He earned a degree as Sous Chef of the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico and had the opportunity to work with acclaimed chefs, he also had the chance to participate in various festivals and work in executive positions in luxurious hotels and first class tourist destinations in Mexico.

Jorge Ildefonso has followed a successful culinary career and his experience took him to be part of AZULIK in Tulum, as Creative Executive Chef to delight us with his dishes, serving exquisite combines, pure tradition with technical innovation, and amazing reinterpretations.

With his admirable passion for the traditional Mexican cuisine, and the importance of using local ingredients to create exceptional flavors, Chef Jorge Ildefonso is the key to create exquisite moments during the celebration of the 10th. editiion of Wine & Food Festival Cancun – Riviera Maya 2018… To Jorge, Mexico has the taste of its traditions.