chef federico lopez

Manager of a Gourmet Workshop, Counselor to Operadora Anderson and Advisor to Beach House Restaurant at Hotel ME by Meliá Cancun, Mexico.

At the age of 18 he became the first culinary advisor to the Hotel Nikko in Mexico City, Four years later, he graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. Focused on his professional career he was honored to be the First Professor at “Universidad el Claustro de Sor Juana” and invited by the “Ambrosia del Bosque” group to form the first school of gastronomy, “Centro Culinario de Mexico” better known as  “Escuela Ambrosia” which he managed for 7 years.

Chef Federico has been awarded multiple recognitions including Best Mexican Chef and invited to participate in several festivals and conventions such as the UN’s COP 16 Convention on Global Warming, which took place at the Cancunmesse in Cancun in 2010.

At present, he takes an active part in the  FOX TV program “Men in the kitchen” produced by Utilísima for the American continent.

The most iconic dishes of Chef Federico López

cocina de chef federico lopez
platillo del chef federico lopez
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