chef enrique blanco wine and food festival

I was born in Mexico City in 1989, I grew up in a family of cooks from my grandmother grandmother and my maternal grandmother, always being in the world of gastronomy, accompanying the central supply, markets, tianguis and even events that They had, developing all my senses and falling in love with Mexican food, from a very young age I knew I would be a chef.

From the age of 16, I had the opportunity to work at an Argentinean inn called “La Chacra” as a barbecue assistant, it was a great place, everyone working as a team to serve the best meals, everyone enjoyed cooking, I fell in love with the vocation, my world in the food changed completely, learning new ingredients, another culture, processes, work rhythms, people that impel me to want to be a good cook, gave me the confidence to continue learning and to develop as a cook.

Already with a little more experience and more involved in gastronomy, I started working in an Italian restaurant called “Giardino” where we served pizzas in a wood oven, ravioli, 100% Italian food, I had the opportunity to be in charge of the grill and be able to continue learning. It was time to study gastronomy, I studied at the University of “Art Gourmet” I met the right people who gave me the opportunity to enter the best restaurant that the city had the “Hoja Seca” restaurant with the chef Claudia León with her concept of “food of origin” change everything I could totally apply my knowledge in Mexican food, but mainly food of the region such as barbecue, moles, trout, huasteca food, with new techniques such as high vacuum, sous vide, molecular, lyophilized products, etc.

Now I am in Playa del Carmen in “La Perla Pixàn cuisine & mezcal store” an incredible place where I can exploit all the culture and tradition of Mexico in my dishes such as rolls of escamoles wrapped in chaya, duck huarache with almond mole, tlayudas with cecina de yecapixtla, tacos de chinicuiles, marrow grasshoppers braised with Chicana ant, etc. Making people from all over the world fall in love with Mexican food, with pre-Hispanic recipes giving a personal touch and delivering in my dishes all the experience and the Pixàn.