chef eleazar bonilla

Country: Mexico
Specialty: Mexican Cuisine

Son of a cook mother and exceptional baker, and a father who was a “tortillero”, Chef Eleazar Bonilla’s path has strong roots that emerge in every single one of his dishes.

His childhood in Santiago de Queretaro was surrounded by “antojitos” that were lovingly prepared by his parents, memories that sparked a deep love for Mexican food that Eleazar has cultivated for life. His growing passion for Mexican Cuisine took him on a trip through the regions of Mexico that would define his career.

With that journey, Eleazar was nurtured by the variety of techniques, flavors and knowledge of each region, which inspired him to set sails on a new adventure, settling in the magical Tulum in the Mexican Caribbean.

At his new home Chef Eleazar Bonilla started to combine his influences to create a regional food menu at La Zebra, the perfect place to run the restaurant he had always dreamed about. His aspirations, his joy for living, his roots and cuisine are the perfect inspiration for the Festival.

The most iconic dishes of Chef Eleazar Bonilla

cocina del chef eleazar bonilla
platillo de chef eleazar bonilla
chef eleazar bonilla en wine and food festival 20016