chef dante ferrero

Patagonia, his mother country, Monterrey, his house, Dante, is a cook of influences marked by his country of origin, Argentina and a father cook who took him to familiarize himself with these “waters” since childhood. In Monterrey he installed his restaurants Neuquén, a classic proposal of Argentine food with personal seal, with which he received many recognitions and which marked his career for 13 years. Therefore, he started a personal project called Alodé, where the mixture of ingredients and local techniques with his Argentine style offered a different proposal to the city.

It perfectly interprets the kitchen with fire, fathoms and wood-fired oven. His recent creations, with contemporary notes present a unique experience in each service. Throughout his career, and with his restaurants working, he sought the space to spend some time in kitchens such as Pujol by Enrique Olvera, Osteria Francescana by Massimo Bottura and Arzak by Juan Mari Arzak, which in a short time gave him a more wide of the harmonious and elegant kitchen, giving it a learned discipline, which intermingles with the pure essence of its kitchen of fires and fathoms. Today, his permanent study and continuous work on the beef, from its production to its consumption, has led him to pause with Alodé, and decide to bring his knowledge in meats and his unique cuisine around the Mexican Republic.

He is currently developing a new restaurant in Mexico City that will open during the first half of 2018 at the same time he is Sigma Foodservice’s corporate chef in the protein area, where he also has the opportunity to continue living close to the area. of production and where it has an open space to continue the investigation.

He was selected by the El Norte newspaper of Grupo Reforma as one of the outstanding chefs for 2013. His evolution has led him to be part of the gastronomic movement of the Mexican Northeast, proof of this is belonging to the Parallel Collective, in which he plays today as president, creator of the first International Gastronomy Forum that took place in the City of Monterrey in 2014, 2015 and 2017.

He was called “The Meat Master” and “The Meat Guru” in the September and October 2016 editions by the Residente and Food & Travel magazines respectively. Dante does not offer “meals” offers experiences, is actively involved in each of the details of your restaurant, offers cozy spaces, music that is enjoyed and unforgettable flavors.