chef daniel muller

Country: Mexico
Specialty: Italian with a touch of the sea

Graduated from “Paul Bocuse Institute” with a degree in Culinary Arts, and Restaurants Management with an expertise in products and techniques, his experience places him in a high gastronomic level in addition to the passion that characterizes him in each of his dishes.

An important part of his professional development took place in “Le Calandre” in Padova (Italy), famous restaurant with 3 Michelin stars, as well as important practices at kitchens of many European restaurants and major destinations in France and Spain.

All these experiences provided him with an important culinary baggage, filling it with multicultural accents and flavors that represent the world and notes that could take you on a journey through the globe with a single bite. Daniele’s style is an interesting fusion of flavors that represent his experiences and the heart of a traveler who has reached harbor.

Flavors, textures, colors and styles that interlace to captivate the most demanding commensals in one of the most renowned and traditional restaurants in Cancun: “Casa Rolandi”.