chef charles antoine crete wine and food festival

Former Toque chef Charles-Antoine Crête and his buddy Cheryl Johnson opened their first restaurant, the Montreal Plaza.

With Normand Laprise as a mentor, he realized several projects, such as Toqué’s book, as well as the development and management of Brasserie T and Majestique, to name only those. They promised themselves 15 years ago that one day they will open their own restaurant. Here they are, now in the Plaza de Montreal.

The choice of the place is not a coincidence since the duo wants to offer an accessible and high quality kitchen for lovers of good food and the families of the neighborhood. The restaurant offers a menu consisting of 60% of classic dishes and 40% of special dishes that change regularly. All in an environment and environments that, hope, will please the customers. The bet takes place, they were crowned as the most innovative chefs in 2017 for the 100 Best of Canada!

Charles-Antoine Crête and Cheryl Johnson, after, respectively, 15 and 10 years in Toqué! Kitchen, they have opened their own restaurant, the Montreal Plaza.

These same chefs have been offering us, since 2017, the Foodchain restaurant!