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Behind his success there is a great story to tell, one in which he stands out as his own favorite episodes having cooked in the kitchens of Ferran Adrià and Murgaritz.

But years before cooking with these gastronomic legends, Chef Arturo Fernandez had to excel as a student of Restaurant Administration at the Escuela Panamericana de Hotelería and then at the Centro Culinario Ambrosía, where he already envisioned his career surrounded by plates, spoons and knifes. There, in the heat of the kitchen his talent for its home and his dedication made him stand out, becoming the first Mexican in history to cook in the mythical kitchen of El Bulli.

Recognized as the Young Mexican Chef in 2004, his career was just beginning. Having acquired a kind of experience that just few chefs in the world have obtained. Chef Arturo Fernandez decided to set foot on a next adventure in Spain, cooking in Murgaritz restaurant at San Sebastian.

Appetent for more knowledge Arturo decided to expand his studies at the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners and then back in Spain he studied bakery at the May Hoffman.

His delight for studying took Chef Arturo Fernandez to become a great teacher, especially at the Insituto Culinario de Coronado, where he participates as Corporate Chef.

This experience and his reputation have granted him the opportunity to be judge in several contests. Today, Arturo continues to harvest and cook his own achievements as an instructor at restaurant Raíz, Cocina de Estaciones where he is a co-owner.

The most iconic dishes of Chef Arturo Fernandez

lengua estofada chef arturo fernandez
yecapixtla platillo chef arturo fernandez
platillo chef arturo fernandez milpa

Events in which he will participate

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