alexis bostelmann chef

Country: Mexico
Specialty: French Cuisine

Alexis Bostelmann is the corporate chef of Grupo Vidanta, leading investor in the most spectacular vacation destinations of Latin America, pioneers when developing more than 20 luxury vacation destinations in Latin America.
laen what the Chef Bostelmann handles more than 60 kitchen restaurants and specialties.

Since child was born in me a passion for the good food that was taught by my big parents artists and creatives and I remember that always I was encouraged this passion for proving food and new kitchens. at 18 years I returned to Mexico to study military preparatory in the USA, without the smallest idea of what i would do with my life, my mother takes me to a dinner in the mexican restaurant centennial center in the historical center from there something born in me, this is what i want to do the rest of my life, cook and eat good.

I received an opportunity as an executive chef at the Acapulco American fiesta hotel and after the Americas Candy Condesa Cancun working beside Sr Michel Beuffe and chef maitre cuisiner de France Regis Lacombe which was a great learning for my hotel future, during this period i was part of festivals like the organization of the congress of maitres cuisiners of France and various publications in the chef a chef magazine, in the newspaper reform and news, also some apparitions in national tv, participate in the gastronomic competition of the us meat export federation winning a medal in creativity giving me a culinary journey to New York and San Francisco attending various courses at the culinary institute of America.

I received an offer in 2001 to start a great career project with Grupo Vidanta to build a large resort of 3000 rooms and 20 restaurants which we continue to develop. start as executive chef in the opening of the Vidanta resort of the Riviera Maya under the guardianship of a great professional and friend Eric Dubaele which believes in me and responsible me for the division of food and drinks and kitchens. in this period the hotel is recognized internationally with the crystal and earth check certifications.

Development new creative concepts of restaurants like, the burger, gong, bluefish, bistro azur and chringuito tapas bar among others.
In 2005 I involved in the Joya Cirque du Soleil project that has been a great experience in developing the culinary program for the show Joya, working in conjunction with the creative force of Cirque du Soleil, Joya has received very good gastronomic critics and continues with very good acceptance of our visitors.