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A rebellious and impulsive youth led Jorge Vallejo to meet his faith.

After being expelled form high school, his punishment endedupbringing him close to the kitchen and acquiring a passion for it, an idea that encouraged him to finish school and study gastronomy.

Jorge begins his studies at the Ambrosia Culinary Center, and later he continues with his practices in Spain, in the kitchen of Santi Santamaría. His return to Mexico was the starting point to a new adventure, which first took him to work as a chef in a restaurant in Acapulco and later to embark on the Princess cruise ships, where he developed more experience and discipline.

After literally, jumping off the ship, a new challenge was set before him; become part of restaurant Pujol with Enrique Olvera, who has grown to be his best friend.

That challenge implied more passion and more work, but also an exquisite encounter with fortune and the love of his life, Alejandra Flores, his mouse.

Together, paired into a perfect recipe, Jorge and Alejandra decided to begin their own project, setting forth into the adventure of opening the restaurant of their dreams, Quintonil, considered one of the Top 10 Restaurants in Latin America, and one of the World’s 50 Best by S. Pellegrini.

Jorge Vallejo will showcase his talent and unique style with one ofthe six-course Tribute Dinner to Albert Adrià during the Wine & Food Festival Cancun – Riviera Maya 2016.

The most iconic dishes of Chef Jorge Vallejo

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platillo exquisito chef jorge vallejo
platillos exquisitos de jorge vallejo
platillos chef jorge vallejo

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